Feelings of gloom often pass. But if you continue to be gloomy or brood, gloom can turn into depression

Even a small problem with alcohol can become a big problem. Drinking a few glasses of alcohol a day can give you insomnia and a restless feeling. This makes things less easy, which can make problems bigger. And you might start drinking even more alcohol on this site about pharmaceutical solutions.

Mental health problems and your daily life

Psychological symptoms can disrupt your life. Your household, family, work and social contacts may not go as well. For example, you may find it harder to concentrate at work, or you may forget something. Or the care for your children becomes more difficult. Perhaps you go out less and do few things for fun, but only things that really must be done.

You may find that you enjoy life less. Your loved ones may also notice this, for example, if you are easily irritated or no longer go on outings.

If the symptoms do not cause much trouble in your daily life, you can see them as mild psychological symptoms on this website.

Balance between problems/events and what you can handle

Psychological symptoms often arise when there are more problems or more intense things happen (burden) than you can handle (capacity). The balance between these is temporarily not good.

Your burden is increased by, for example

a high workload,
negative thinking,
an irregular rhythm (night shifts),
money problems,
relationship problems,
an alcohol problem,
a chronic illness.
Your carrying capacity is better if, for example

have a lot of social support,
do sport and exercise,
lead a regular life,
have a nice job,
can make your own choices,
has the confidence that you and your loved ones can handle the challenges in your life.

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